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Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Not sure where to go from here? Us too! Over the past four years we have had to learn the hard way, and have felt like we are the only ones who feel uninspired or who aren’t booking our ideal clients.

Maybe you’re just getting your business off the ground, scared to call yourself a professional, not sure what the next steps are or where to go from here. We have been shooting couples and weddings professionally for the last three years and have learned the most by talking with other photographers. Experience is everything, but there is a time and place to ask questions. Life has taught us so much and we are hyped to share everything we know with young photographers.

We believe in community over competition, and firmly believe that there are enough clients out there for us all to make a living. We want to HELP, support, encourage, and teach you, because every couple has a photographer that is perfect for them, but sometimes that photographer needs help being found.


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You have impacted my business and mind set in such a positive way and I couldn’t be more thankful!! You are one of a kind and I’m soooo excited to put all of the tips you gave me into effect.
I booked my first adventure elopement for next summer at maroon bells! Your advice seriously changed the game for me.
Ellen! Thank you so much. That was like a breath of fresh air! I literally cried on the phone talking to my boyfriend about our time together. Thank you isn’t enough!


Let's Edit Together - 1.5hrs


1.5 hour editing session

Q + A of all your editing questions.

Can be specific to our presets or cover general editing / how to make your own presets / our editing workflow.


This can be great if you're in a creative rut or if you want to learn more about our presets.

Let's Have a Date - 2Hrs


Coffee or Virtual Date

Q + A of anything you want to ask: marketing, booking ideal clients, making couples comfortable, etc.

Can include any editing questions


P.S Bring Your Questions and Excitement

Let's Play All Day - 5hrs


1.5 hour q + a of anything you want to ask: marketing, booking ideal clients, editing, making couples comfortable, etc

2 hour shoot with couple see how I make clients compfortable and direct without losing their personality.

1.5 hour editing session and q + a


P.S. Prepare yourself for Lots of Conversation


coming MID APRIL!


These are things we use all the time



PicTime is the BEST online gallery delivery system. Not only is it so clean and good looking, but it’s affordable. One of our favorite things about it is the store attached to your clients gallery where they can purchase prints, photo books, and more.

Click here to get one month FREE! You won’t regret it - we made the switch from another online gallery system and will never go back!



You’ve probably seen other photographers talk about Honeybook and how it changed their life, but you still haven’t made the switch. Well, trust us, they were not lying. Honeybook is a game changer for photogs. It keeps you organized and helps you never lose an inquiry or forget to respond to an email. Invoices, contracts, questionnaires in ONE. How awesome does that sound?! And you can customize it to fir your needs.

But not only that, but it makes you look so much more professional and keeps all your emails + files in one place for you and your client.

Have questions? Sign up with our link and I’ll give ya a 20min phone call to talk you through how to set it to best fit your needs.

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Want your instagram to look as dope as possible? This app is the best thing that ever happened to our instagram growth and consistent feel. I used to feel so bogged down by instagram and hate posting; but this app changed the game for me.

See those white blocks over on the right image? Tha’;s where you add the photos you might want to post, then easily play around with moving them next to your most recent post to see how it will look. You can plan your posts from weeks ahead of time so you don’t have to worry everyday about what photo you will post. AND (we use the free version) if you buy the app it will post for you with your already planned captions! It’s a life changer, and will make you fall in love with insta again.

Click here to download!