Spontaneous Sunset Shoot in Denver



THESE TWOOOO. We met them for ice cream back in November when they first inquired about wedding photog and have been inseparable ever since. Shelby and Luke have quickly become two very important people in our lives and we're hyped to call them forever friends. We actually just got back from camping with them this weekend and thought what a fun time to share these photos! 

The spontaneity of this shoot was hilarious. Another photog, Montana Lee (she is literally theeee best, shot our wedding, now is one of our besties, check her out if & if you're crazy and not already following her on insta DO IT) well she had been staying with us back in early March and we had one of those perfect sunshine warm *Denver tricks you into thinking it's almost spring but ha jokes on you, days, and I had been wanting Shelby and Luke to meet Montana and so we were like LETS SHOOT! Shelby came over and we played a little dress up then we all  ran up Green Mtn outside of Denver and had the best time just laughing and singing and playing and just being dorks. Hope you enjoy these photos, this day will forever be one of my faves <3