Our Wedding



Man oh man. This day. So many feeeeels! Hope you get a sense of who we are, why we're in love with couples who are rad and super in love, and how dope our fam and frans are.

We got married outside of our college town of Chattanooga GA surrounded by our family and friends in a place that means so much to us. We had been going back and forth about eloping, and almost did a handful of times last summer when we were backpacking through Europe (sorry Ma), but knew this would be a great opportunity for our families to dance, eat, play, and celebrate for the first time as they got to know each other a little better!! My parents are white Americans, through and through, & only  English speakers, and Andy's wonderful fam is from Mexico and they don't speak much English, and being able to celebrate in both Spanish and English was so important to us, especially as Andy's heart language is Spanish! We are super close with out families and having them come together on our most special day and dance together, sing and laugh together was the most beautiful thing. We also took our bridals in Rocky Mtn National Park -- We HIGHLY recommend doing bridals if you're having a big wedding. You get to adventure in your fancy clothes all over again, say your vows all alone in a beautiful place (!!!), and prance around without a worry in the world. Love this man, this day(s), and our love with my whole heart. 

PS PS PS Montana LEE! My soul sister. Check out her beaut work here!