Savannah In Home Session



These twoooo! I have known these guys since college and man their love & hearts are just oh so contagious. They invited me into their home to capture their cute little apartment that is nestled outside downtown Savannah and we laughed pretty much the entire time and it was the besttttt. <3

I was able to catch up with Haley before the shoot and it is so crazy how life brings people with similar spirits and passions back together! It’s such an awesome thing when you meet people you connect with in oh so many ways, who have experienced similar hard, good, beautiful things and are in the same stage of life. What a life giving, praise worthy time. :) I felt the shoot feeling so refreshed and encouraged.

These two are so in love with the Lord and it’s the most beautiful thing. Haley I’m so hyped to keep chatting and growing in friendship & I’m just so hyped for the double dates to come when we make it back to Savannah :))